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Credit Reading
By Zhejiang Library | August 18, 2021

The Credit Reading service was jointly launched by Zhejiang Library and more than 100 public libraries in the province in April 2018. Readers can borrow books based on their personal credit without deposits, and enjoy online "order" service to get the new books and home delivery service through the "Credit Reading" platform. In 2019, Zhejiang Library upgraded the "Credit Reading" platform, adding millions of books in the collection to the platform. It is open to readers across the country with its lending services.



Since 2020, the "Credit Reading" has been spread to areas in the province where reading resources are relatively scarce. In parternship with local libraries and bookstores, it has built more than 30 offline service points to offer book lending services to the locals and turn reading a part of people’s life. More grass-roots people can afford to read and have access to those books they like through this platform. At the same time, the offline "Credit Reading" service has realized the integration of libraries and stores and the benign interaction of "reading space +", opening up a new front for the library with zero reading cost but equal service. Besides, through library-library cooperation, the ability to guarantee new books and the level of accurate service in grass-roots libraries has been effectively improved.


Based on Zhejiang Province, the "Credit Reading", though a provincial-level platform, serves users across the province and even across the country, providing document service support for libraries at all levels within the province. Taking the "Credit Reading" service as a model, some qualified libraries provide local services for local users. However, when the local services cannot meet the needs of readers, the "Credit Reading" platform will be a supplement, thus forming a two-level guarantee and a benign ecology of credit lending services.




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