Pleasant Reading for Better Village: Activity on 2021 World Reading Day
By Zhejiang Library | April 24, 2021

The activity for 2021 World Reading Day themed as Happy Reading for Better Village was held in Community of the Future in Xikou, Longxi on April 23. Together with the beauty of blossom, people welcomed the season of reading in spring.



This activity was sponsored by Zhejiang Library, Communications Bureau of Quzhou Municipal Committee, Quzhou Federation of Humanities and Social Sciences Circles, and was held together with Quzhou Daily, Quzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Communications Bureau of Longyou County Committee and Xikou Town Government of Longyou County. Shanghai Himalayan Network Technology Co., LTD. and Quzhou Branch of China Post Group Co., LTD. were also in collaboration.



The Director of Zhejiang Library, Mr. Chu Shuqing, said in his speech that “Since 2009, Quzhou has already undertaken 12 sessions of National Reading Week continuously and reading activities have been carried out vigorously in all parts of this city. The atmosphere of ‘loving reading, reading good books and being good readers’ in the whole society becomes dense year by year.” He said, especially in last year, Quzhou formally established "Polite Quzhou" reading alliance, which inherited and carried forward the fine tradition of valuing literature and education, and passed down the spirit of poetry and book reading from one generation to another. This event set off a new storm of reading in the city.



On the World Reading Day this year, Zhejiang Library, Communications Bureau of Quzhou Municipal Committee and Quzhou Public Library jointly established 100 "Pleasant Reading Stations" in rural area and donated 5,000 books at a time to enrich the reading resources of each station.


In addition, activities such as borrowing books online from "Credit Reading" platform without post fee and physically from Xinhua Bookstore will also be fully operated. Therefore, readers in Quzhou can read books with better quality at home, select books online at home, and enjoy "ordering" books service at home. 



Exercising or reading, either body or soul must be on the way. One hundred "Pleasant Reading Stations" in rural area and one hundred representatives of rural leading readers claimed that they would do their best as "Pleasant Reading" leaders to build Quzhou a city of book.



Connect village with wisdom and connect reading with technology as well. 2000 annual cards provided by Shanghai Himalayan Network Technology Co., LTD. will be distributed to hundreds of "Pleasant Reading Stations" in rural area for the elders to gain the pleasant of reading by listening to audio books.



In this reading activity, hundreds of donations were carried out all over the city, which encouraged everyone to give out their unused books and to share them with readers who love reading in rural areas.



We hope this activity could spread in communities and among the masses. A vivid climate of reading in rural area is hoped to be created in order to build a better future for the vast rural society in the new era.