• Books and documents service department2015-10-12

    Provide readers with literature lending, consultation, reader’s card handling, and construction of service branches outside the library, and undertake document management and protection, as well as stack room management.

    Person in charge: Li Huaying

    Contact telephone number: 0571-87986108.

  • Newspaper and documents service department2015-10-12

    Provide readers with newspapers and periodicals borrowing, consulting, as well as management and service of the visually impaired readers, undertake the management and protection of literature, the management of the bookstore, and the organization and management of the “Zhejiang Provincial Barrier-free Service Alliance for Visually Impaired Readers”.

    Person in charge: Tu Leiji

    Contact telephone number: 0571-87987769.

  • Digital resource center (Office of sharing engineering)2015-10-12

    Responsible for the construction, organization, management and preservation of the resources of the whole province and its own digital resources, provide readers with digital resources services, audio-visual literature and electronic-reader lending services, undertake the daily work of the national cultural information resources sharing project in Zhejiang Province, also guide and coordinate the construction and service of provincial cultural sharing project and the construction plan of the public electronic reading room.

    Person in charge: Chen Ye

    Contact telephone number: 0571-87988615.

  • Information service center2015-10-12

    Provide reference work and thematic information services, and undertake the organization and management of “Zhejiang Provincial Public Library Information Service Alliance”.

    Person in charge: Xu Jin

    Contact telephone number: 0571-87988029.

  • Ancient books department (Provincial ancient book protection cen....2015-10-12

    Undertake the collection, collation, protection, circulation, utilization, development, research and other work of historical documents and new thread-bound edition before 1949 in Zhejiang Library, and undertake the daily work of Zhejiang ancient books protection center, and provide guidance and coordination for the protection of ancient books in the province.

    Person in charge: Tong Shengjiang

    Contact telephone number: 0571-87988528.