• Document Delivery
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  • Document Verification

Our library offers one-stop document delivery service, which is based on collection resources and databases of our library and takes, extends with other document collections, and has multiple channels. Information Service Center provides a variety of commissioned services, including retrieval, reproduction, scanning, photographing, recording, printing and bookbinding of various documents and materials, and delivery them to final users by regular mail, registered letter, express, EMS, e-mail, online delivery and other forms. We’ll respond to your request within two workdays.

This service is available on Zhejiang Digital Library. Taking searching search words “Zhejiang economy” in periodicals as an example, the specific operation is as follows:

1. Enter search words “Zhejiang economy” in search box, select “periodical” in tab bar, and click on “Chinese search”.

2. Find the documents you need, click on “e-mail receives full text”.

3. Enter receiving e-mail address and verification code on “Reference and Consultation Service Platform of Zhejiang Digital Library” according to the hint, and click on “Confirm submit” in the end.

Special Consultation

By relying on abundant collections, our library provides document inquiry services in the scientific fields of social sciences, natural sciences and commercial information and themed Chinese and foreign books, newspapers and periodicals, press papers, conference papers, patents, and standards according to user’s needs; our library conducts professional search by time and scope designated by users, and provides abstracts, bibliographical list or document compilation; besides, our library finds documents, books and data in the fields of humanities, sociology, psychology, laws and regulations, economy and commerce, medicine and chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, and so on.

Patent Standard Search

Our library searches Chinese and overseas patent literatures to provide relevant patent searches for development of new product and dispute over intellectual property. In addition, our library searches domestic and foreign relevant standards, helps users find various standard specifications and provide them with abstract or full text of patents.

Literature Review Analysis

With abundant document resources and senior professional consultant librarians, our library scientifically organizes, classifies, excerpts and analyzes documents and writes literature review and analysis report based on comprehensive document search according to user’s needs.

Translation Service

We provide translation service for various documents, including financial and legal documents and company profiles; product description and project bidding document; market research report, financial analysis report; application material for going abroad and notarization documents, etc. Languages include English, Russian, Japanese and German.

Contact Info:

Leader of information service team: Zhao Haiyan

Leader of information analysis team: Yang Minwen

Certification of documentary reproduction

Our library provides users with certification service of documentary reproduction for paper collections of our library. Users need to present relevant information, such as specific title, source, and publication time; our staff will retrieve and duplicate the document and provide relevant certificate.

Verification of impact factor of Chinese periodicals

Our library conducts verification of impact factor of Chinese periodicals and provides relevant certificate in accordance with internationally accepted periodical evaluation indicators according to document information provided by users .

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