Digital Services

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Now our library provides readers with 103 outsourced databases among 152 digital databases, which can be used inside and outside the library, and our library has established 21 self-established resources and 28 probative resources, including e-books, ancient documents, electronic newspaper and periodicals, academic and conference papers, current politics and finance, tool and index, audio, video and multimedia.


1. Log on to

(1) Use “Uniform Search ” function to retrieve digital resources to acquire search result quickly.

(2) Use “Digital Resource” (Click to enter) category list to inquire targeted database to acquire resources in need.

2. Use Zhejiang Library Digital Resource Service (

3. Follow WeChat official account of Zhejiang Library

4. Follow Alipay Service Window of Zhejiang Library

5. Log on to to acquire relevant digital resource service (This province’s IP address only)

6. Download Zhejiang Culture App, follow WeChat account or check big screen in our library to acquire relevant digital resource services (This province’s IP address only).