“Little Ma Liang” in Zhejiang Library, Painting Booker’s Library Together

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2019/07/21  count:49

The purest and most beautiful hearts of children make brushes in their hands the most miraculous tools in the world, which they use to carefully paint everything wonderful and amazing on the earth.


On the afternoon of July 21, 29 little “writers and painters” arrived at the Reading Room for the Blind of Zhejiang Library. Under the on-site guidance of teachers specialized in the production of “Ledu” picture books, they wrote story scripts, designed storyboards, painted and colored them, and finally bound them into brochures. On site, teachers taught attentively and these children practiced carefully, as if they had already been little writers of picture books.        

At the end of the activity, these children were given certificates of “Honorary Little Author” by Zhejiang Library, and their works were submitted with the help of their parents and staff onto the platform of the 1st Children’s Handmade Picture Books Competition in Zhejiang in 2019, to compete for prizes with other children in the province.     


In the end, the organizer of the activity also invites children aged 6 to 12 in the province. Before July 31, you can register and sign in on the platform of “Read · Entertain Yourselves—Children’s Paintings in Children’s Minds Booker’s Library” and the 1st Children’s Handmade Picture Books Competition of the Province (, to carefully paint stories that happened in Booker’s Library, and think about reading and the future with other children in the province together.