About donating books and materials

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Zhejiang Library cordially encourages people from all sectors of society, groups and organizations to donate books, CDs and other materials, especially books and pictures regarding Zhejiang and internal documents or serials publications edited and published by organizations and personages of all circles.

Zhejiang Library will decide whether to collect the donations according to relevant standards. Our library will own the property right of donated materials once our library accept them (when acceptance procedures are completed) and give formal receipt for donation. Besides, our library will process collected donations according to their conditions and incorporate them to our collection system.

Our library will not treat donations that are not within our scope of collection, our library have enough copies, are severally damaged, or are fragmentary newspapers and periodicals (except special collections) as collections. If donators are willing to allow us to dispose of them, we will give non-formal receipt for donation and preferentially give them to municipal and county-level libraries in Zhejiang Province and other nonprofit organizations after registration. 

Individuals, groups, or organizations who intend to donate can contact us in the following ways: 

Contact person: Zhou Gongdan  Contact number: 0571-87986727 E-mail:

For one-site donation, please go to Acquisition and Processing Department of Zhejiang Library (Room 2014, Shuguang Road Library, 73 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou City)

For donation by mail, please send to: Acquisition and Processing Department of Zhejiang Library, 73 Shuguang Road, Hangzhou City, Postal Code: 310007.