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Zhejiang Library has already possessed more than 5 million volumes of library materials and super-mass digitized Literature information resources, including all kinds of paper-media subjects: books, periodicals and newspapers of Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, German, French, etc. The most precious collection in this library is the Wenlan Ge(book collection house) ‘Si Ku Quan Shu’(an Ancient Chinese Encyclopaedia).

Library Headquarters is on Shuguang Road, with its collections and layout as follows.

Book: About 3.3 million volumes of Chinese and foreign books collected. Books in social sciences are available in the social science books reading and lending service room of Chinese languages on 2F. Here, books of natural science are available in natural science books reading and lending service room of Chinese languages on 2F, books in Chinese literary are available in reading and lending service room of Chinese Literary on 2F, foreign books are available in reading and leading service room of foreign books on 2F, references are available in reference retrieval service room on -1F .

Newspapers and Periodicals: About 710 thousand copies and volumes of Chinese, foreign newspapers and periodicals and 8,543 current titles are collected. Periodicals and newspapers can be read in current Chinese newspapers service room, current Chinese periodicals service room, back issue of Chinese periodicals reading room on 1F. Here, periodicals and newspapers are consulted in overseas Chinese newspapers reading service room, current Chinese sample newspapers and periodicals reading service room, back issue of newspapers and periodicals reading service room on 1F.

Braille Documents: About 350 volumes of finger-reading books(medicine, science, literature, music, language, education, history, politics, laws)and about 1700 cases of talking books(massage, novels, film recording, radio plays, poetry, Chinese opera, education, laws and regulations),are available in Braille Section on 1F.

Audio-visual Documents: About 80 thousand audio-visual documents (CD,VCD,DVD) including the politics, economy, military, history, geography, literature and arts, life guides, science and technology, etc. are available in library electronic resources service room and multi-media service center chamber on 2F.

Ancients: These collections before 1911 contain ancient books, stone and bronze rubbings, calligraphy and paintings, chorographic maps, letters, etc. Collections published between 1912 and 1949 consist of books, newspapers, periodicals in modern time and the Republic of China age, more than one million volumes and copies, and partial new photocopies. They are available in ancient and rare books reading room on -1F, also in general historical documents reading room of Gushan Road Branch.

Zhejiang Local Collections: Zhejiang local collections (including chorography, local yearbook, genealogy, maps, register, literature and history data, compilation of a variety of topics, newspapers and periodicals published in Zhejiang Province) are available in local collection service room on 3F.

Overseas Donated Documents: About 500 types of donated documents(including overseas universities information, documents of FUKUI-KEN , SHIZUOKA-KEN and TOCHIGI-KEN libraries)and about 1500 copies documents of UN depository library are available in overseas donated documents service room on 3F .

Digital Resources: 42 types network database resources, 13 types self-building database resources.



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