Self-Service Card Application in Alipay Service Window

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/04/29  count:142

1. Follow service window of Zhejiang Library (Open Alipay and scan to follow).

2. Open “Reader’s Card”-“Apply for reader’s card”.

3. Read “Reader’s Service Agreement”.

4. After agree “Reader’s Service Agreement”, fill out your personal registration information and select type of reader’s card.

5. Decide on type of card to apply, then enter Alipay’s payment page if you need to pay any deposit.

6. Your application succeeds after deposit is paid, and QR code reader’s card is generated in Personal Center.

7. When borrowing, enter “Reader’s Card”-“Personal Center”; you can log on to by scanning the QR code with  QR Code reader or directly entering reader’s card number and password to use digital resources of our library at any time.