Notice on Services of Digital Resource Center

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/04/25  count:163

Collections: digital resource database and multimedia audiovisuals (subject to what are on shelves).

Form of services: free services, provide viewing of digital resources collected, borrowing of light disks and e-book readers and looking up internet information, multimedia audio-video and intellectual games (as recommended by Ministry of Culture).


Reading requires: Your valid ID card or reader’s card of Zhejiang Library.

Opening hours: Monday through Sunday 8:30 am-8:30pm Until further notice on national holidays.

1. You must use the computer with your valid identity documentation; juveniles under 12 must register to use the computer with their parents.

2. After register with your card at the service counter, you can use the computer for two hours and the computer will be off line automatically after two hours (please timely save your personal documents for computers in this room are equipped with recovery card). If you want to continue to use the computer, please wait and swipe your card again at the service counter. Juvenile readers can use the computer for a maximum of two hours a day.

3. Please confirm with Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, Regulations on the Protection of Information Network Transmission Right and relevant laws and regulations of China; you are not allowed to use equipment of the center and download digital resources with malicious intention or publish information which goes against relevant national policies.

4. Don’t conduct any activity that will harm the security of information network of our library and disturb the order. Please take good care of all equipment; don’t modify or change any related settings; don’t copy discs of the reading room; don’t run and play something irrelevant to materials provided by our library from your portable storage device; please don’t use your laptop in this reading room.

5. If you want to get access to our database and disc materials collected in our library, please register at service counter. Don’t take discs outside the room without the permission of our staff.

6. If you need to borrow discs and e-book readers, please process at service counter with your reader’s card. See Notice on Borrowing Discs and Rules on Borrowing E-book Readers and E-books of Zhejiang Library for specific provisions. 

7. Reading room advocates civilized behavior. Please keep a quiet, clean and neat environment for reading. No smoking, no spitting; please don’t take food or beverage to the reading room; please put your belongings on a locker, and put cap and rain gear on designated place to avoid damage to devices; please set your cellphone on silent or vibrate mode, and leave the reading room to answer a call; please don’t occupy the seat for long rest or sleep; please discard waste paper or other rubbish on trash basket (can).

8. Please take good care of your belongings to prevent against unnecessary losses. Please keep your laptop, wallet, cellphone and other valuable belongings with you all the time. Please take your belongings away when you leave the reading room.

9. If you have any other need, please feel free to consult our staff. Zhejiang Library will serve you wholeheartedly.

This room’s service call: 87985912     Complaints and suggestions: 87988615/87988569