Notice on Services of Regular Historical Documents Reading Room

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/04/25  count:160


Collections: regular ancient books and documents of the Republic of China (originals and microfilms), photocopies of ancient books, and photocopies of documents of the Republic of China.

Form of services: close-shelf reading and historical documents consultation.

Reading requires: reader’s card, senior’s card, or valid identity documents, such as ID card, military ID card, passport, and home-visit permit for Taiwanese compatriots.

Opening hours: Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Closed on national holidays.

1. This room’s documents are for professional researchers to look up, who must fill out Reader’s Registration Form in the meanwhile.

2. Readers need to fill out retrieval sheet and our staff will take the books, the limit is five books at a time; before reading, our staff and readers will co-check whether books have missing pages, are damaged or are defaced; readers should be responsible for any problems like these when returning books. The request will not be received 15 minutes before the room is closed.

3. Originals of severally damaged and unrepaired documents or photocopied, microfilmed or digitalized documents are not allowed to be read.

4. You can read documents in the reading room only.

5. Please take good care of all documents and public properties and respect and protect intellectual property. Please don’t annotate, tamper, fold, smear, cut or tear documents. Please don’t shoot documents or take documents outside the reading room without authorization, the violators will be handled in accordance with relevant regulations of our library.

6. You must get the permission of our staff and register to photocopy a document. For documents before 1949, you can only photograph them for reproduction and pay fees according to Charging Standards of Zhejiang Library and Rules and Regulations on Reproduction and Charging of Ancient Books Department of Zhejiang Library.

7. Partial reference books displayed in this room are available for readers. Please take good care of these books when using them and return them to where they were after finishing using them.

8. Reading room advocates civilized behavior. Please keep a quiet, clean and neat environment for reading. No smoking, no spitting; please don’t take food or beverage to the reading room; please put your belongings on a locker, and put cap and rain gear on designated place to avoid damage to books; please set your cellphone on silent or vibrate mode, and leave the reading room to answer a call; please discard waste paper or other rubbish on trash basket (can).

9. Please take good care of your belongings to prevent against unnecessary losses. Please keep your laptop, wallet, cellphone and other valuable belongings with you all the time. Please take your belongings away when you leave the reading room.

10. Young readers under 18 are not allowed to get access to this reading room. Please understand and cooperate.

11. If you have any other need, please feel free to consult our staff. Zhejiang Library will serve you wholeheartedly.

This room’s service call: 87996289    Complaints and suggestions: 87988659/87988569