Book Renewal

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/04/29  count:201

Through renewal, you can add extra loan period to fixed loan period to extend reading time for readers who have needs.

How to renew books:

① Readers can renew online on homepage of official website of Zhejiang Library.


② Renewal by Self-service Book Return Machine: Readers can click on “Renewal” option on self-service borrow/return machine to renew.

③ Renewal by Manual Desk: Readers can present reader’s card at manual service counter at first floor and to renew manually.

④ Renewal by phone0571-87988998 (voice service: 24 hour); 0571-87988700 (manual service: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm).

⑤ Renewal by WeChat: Follow our service account or subscription account, bind reader’s card and then you can renew by WeChat.

⑥ Renewal by Alipay: Add Alipay service window, then you can renew after binding your reader’s card.



① Regular and reference reader’s cards: can renew once with a renewal period of 15 days.

② Why renewal is unsuccessful:

a.The book is already booked;

b.The book has been renewed once;

c.The book is overdue;

d.Late fees of this card is over 10 yuan.

③ If you have any problem during renewal process, please contact our staff timely or call 0571-87988700 for inquires.