Book Retrieval

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Book retrieval: After having your reader’s card, if you want to locate the bookshelf which stories the book you want to borrow, you need to use the retrieval system of our library.

1. Retrieval operation procedures:


①If searching books (except ancient books) by all fields show no result, it means our library has no collection record of this book, you may recommend our library to purchase this book.

②If the book is searched out and it is borrowed, you can make a reservation on it, see “Book Reservation” for specific operation procedures.

2. Find the book according to its collection site and call number, please see “2nd Floor Open-Shelf Book Reading Room Map”.


 Document Borrowing

After finding the document you want to borrow, you can borrow via our borrow system.

Ways to borrow the document:

(1) Manual Desk: present reader’s card and our staff will process borrowing procedures.

Self-service Borrow Machine (applicable to books and periodicals): Swipe reader’s card or enter reader’s card number; initial password is the last six digits of ID card number. See operating instruction on self-service borrow/return machine in self-service for specific operation procedure.