Methods for Handling Damage, Lose and Violations of Borrowing Rules

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/04/29  count:149

1. Our library’s documents is state property, so readers must assume responsibility and compensate if he or she violates borrowing rules and damage and lose document during loan period.

2. Damage documents

Means smearing, punctuating and annotating, folding, clipping, depicting, staining, and tearing documents.

① Light damage without affecting readers, compensate with 1-50 yuan.
② Those who cause serious damage beyond repair and affect the completeness of content and reading should compensate with original document; if he or she fails, then compensate with 2-3 times original price of the document.
③ If readers acquire original document, then they can ask refund Card Application Center of our library with compensation certificate after reparation, and return original document.
④ For those who compensate with original document, damaged document will be sent to compensator after nullified; For those who compensate with money, damaged document will not be sent to them.
⑤ When borrowing the document, please carefully check whether this document is damaged, if it is, reader should report it to our staff timely, otherwise, readers should be responsible for it and the situation will be handled as above-mentioned. 

3. Lost document

Compensation for lost book: Published 50 (inclusive) years ago, 3,001 yuan and above

Published 40(inclusive)-50 years ago, 2001-3000 yuan

Published 30 (inclusive)-40 years ago, 1501-2000 yuan

Published 25 (inclusive)-30 years ago, 1001-1500 yuan

Published 20(inclusive)-25 years ago, 801-1000 yuan

Published 15 (inclusive)-20 years ago, 501-800 yuan

Published 10 (inclusive)-15 years ago, 301-500 yuan

Published 5 (inclusive)-10 years ago, 150-300 yuan

Published within 5 years, original price *2 

Compensation for lost periodical: original price of periodical

     Compensation for disc loss or damage:

    1. CD and DVD is lost: 1 set include 1-2 discs: compensate with 1-3 times its set price; 1 set includes 3 discs or more, and 4 (inclusive) discs are lost: compensate with 1-2 times its set price; more than 4 discs are lost: compensate with 2-3 times its set price

    2. Disc attached to book: 10 yuan per disc

During loan period, if reader loses borrowed document, he or she should compensate with a intact document of the same version, if he or she fails, then he or she should compensate with money 3-30 times the original price (if the triple price of original document is greater than 50 yuan, then compensate with triple price; if 30 times the original price is less than 50 yuan, then compensate with 30 times the original price) and pay 5 yuan as book processing fee in the meanwhile. If reader acquires the original document after making a compensation, he or she can turn the original document to our Card Application Center and get refund with compensation certificate, but the book processing fee will not be returned.

    3. Borrowed document exceeds the time limit

If the document is returned 1 to 10 days late, the late fee is 0.1 yuan per day per document, since the 11th day, the late fee is 0.2 yuan per day per document.

    4. In the above circumstances, reader’s card will be disused before compensating in accordance with the regulations.