Borrowing Rules for E-reader and E-book

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/04/29  count:212

I. To popularize digital reading and manage relevant devices effectively, Zhejiang Library (hereinafter referred to as the Library) specially formulated these rules.

II. Who can borrow: readers who have reader’s card with borrowing function.

III. Loan period:

(1) The loan period is 30 days. Reservation is available but renewal is not.

(2) Reservationist can process borrow procedures at Digital Resource Center of our library within five days after receiving notification; the book will not be reserved if overdue. To make sure readers receive reservation information in a timely manner, please timely complete contact number and e-mail address in your personal information.

(3) Each reader’s card can borrow up to one reader.

IV. Returning procedures:

(1) Process borrowing and returning procedures at service counter of Digital Resource Center of our library with your reader’s card. Each borrow requires deposit, which ranges from 0-300 yuan, see announcement on service counter of Digital Resource Center for specific amount. Deposit will be returned with deposit certificate after the device is returned.

(2) When borrowing devices, reader should check whether the devices and accessories are normal and complete, and confirm with signature; if there is any problem, please report it to our staff immediately and change timely;

(3) After borrowing the device, readers can download what they need through digital resource websites subscribed by Zhejiang Library.

(4) Please delete your personal information, internet user account and so forth before returning, for our library is not responsible for the safety of abovementioned information. After you return the device, our library has the right to delete private information left in the device without the permission of readers.

(5) When returning devices, our staff will check whether the devices and their accessories are normal and complete; if the device is found damaged, malfunctioned, missing component and changed, the compensation must be made in accordance with article seven of this rule.

V. Custody and usage:

(I) Readers should keep e-reader properly during loan period to prevent e-readers from being lost, smeared and damaged and keep the device away from the environment prone to cause damage.

(2) Readers cannot dismantle devices (including accessories) and crack software of these devices, and cannot delete, modify or add settings and procedures within devices nor purposely create, download and transmit computer virus and other destructive programs. The violators of these regulations will be written into reader’s bad record and be deprived of the right to borrow e-book readers.

VI. Late return: Readers should return the device within loan period; for within one month late, late fee is 0.5 yuan per day; for over one month late, 1 yuan per day. If late for over three months and above, the device is deemed lost, the borrower should compensate in accordance with Article seven of this rule.

VII. Damage and Lost Handling and Compensation:

(1) If the device malfunctions when using, reader should proactively inform our library of it and return the device immediately. In the following circumstances, readers should compensate according to Reference Maintenance Prices of Components of E-Reader (Our library will repair and purchase):

1. Device hardware should be sent to factory for repair if damaged and destroyed during loan period. 

2. Relevant accessories are lost or damaged.

(2) If the device is lost or damaged beyond repair, reader should buy a new one of the same brand and the same version or designated type whose market value is no less than that of lost one and pay 5 yuan as bar code information processing fee. If reader cannot compensate with a new one, he or she should compensate according to original price of the lost device.

VIII. Others:

(1) In case of special circumstances, our library has the right to notify readers of returning borrowed device in advance, and readers must cooperate; those who fail to return device within the prescribed time limit will be punished in accordance with Article 6.

(2) Please comply with national laws and regulations regarding internet management and copyright protection. You’re not allowed to download feudalistic, superstitious, cult, obscene, pornographic, gambling, violent, murderous and criminal information. Violators shall assume corresponding legal responsibilities, meanwhile, our library will write their behaviors into bad record and deprive him or her of the right to borrow e-reader.

(3) Matters uncovered in these rules are subject to relevant laws and regulations.

IX. The above is written into “Reader’s Borrow Confirmation”, please read it carefully when borrowing books. The signature is regarded as the recognition and agreement to this rule.

Appendix: Reference Maintenance Prices of Components of E-Reader


Price (yuan)

Handheld e-book reader




Display screen




Built-in lithium battery


USB cable


Mini USB cable


Surface cover


Rear cover


Number button


Power button


Function button


Leather cover