OFFICE software application training for visually impaired people successfully concluded in Visual Impairment Center of Zhejiang Library

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2018/07/26  count:41

As the most popular office application tool at present, Office, with its powerful functions, makes operations including typesetting, document editing, and tables editing convenient. During the previous computer training courses, we learned that visually impaired people were also eager to learn about the operation of Word and Excel. Therefore, Zhejiang Library, together with Hangzhou Shangcheng Audio-Visual Blind Aid Service Center in Hangzhou, held “Training Course on the Operation and Application of Computer Office Systems for Visually Impaired People”. In this course, visually impaired people learned to use office software to view, create and edit Word documents and Excel files. Also, Pinyin course was set to assist text editing.

 The training course started on June 5 and lasted for three weeks, covering file management, Word document creation, editing and typesetting, Excel creation, calculation, sorting, etc. A total of five trainees participated in the training, and volunteers gave them one-to-two tutoring. At the end of this training course, three trainees passed the examination and successfully completed the course.

So far, the fourth computer training for the visually impaired in 2017 has been successfully concluded. On July 1, a total of 20 trainees attended the graduation ceremony of the training course. For next step, we will summarize and sort out problems arising from the training, listen to suggestions from the visually impaired students, and optimize the curriculum design and training methods of computer training so as to provide visually impaired people with a better place to learn computer skills.