The 18th Zhejiang Minors’ Reading Festival and the Final of Teenager’s Popular Science Writing Competition
By Zhejiang Library | September 16, 2022


The 18th Zhejiang Minors’ reading festival and the final of teenager’s popular science writing competition was hold together by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Zhejiang Library, Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum and some official departments in Anji County.
Since the start of the event, 89 public libraries in Zhejiang Province actively organized and collected 423 works from online platform. Finally 60 works went into the final including 40 articles and 20 commentaries by students from primary and middle high schools.
In the final, teenagers showed their commitment of “study for invigorating the Chinese nation” through their singing and oath. On the stage, they explained the normal phenomenon in our daily life through scientific language, they showed self-designed gizmos which would make our life more convenient, and they also did the experiments to explain the scientific phenomenon.
The reading festival this year stimulated the interests of the teenagers to learn more scientific knowledge, broadened the horizons of teenagers in popular science reading, and improved the scientific literacy of the teenagers. The competition also attracted more teenagers to join in popular science reading, to take part in the lifelong reading and eventually encouraged them to become a person who will contribute to the development of the society.
In the final, 4 major themes of parent-child popular science field trip were announced: “natural popular science”, “humanities and archaeology”, “survival training” and “farming experience”. Teenagers and the representatives from public libraries joined the field trip of visiting Zhejiang Museum of Natural History (Anji Branch) and Archaeological Ruins of Ancient Anji City. During the trip they could get the spirit of “reading in the scenery and inventing based on the popular science” announced by the Culture and Tourism System in Anji Government.