[Zhejiang Library•Knowledge Creating House] Series - Olympic Day - Color decoration of my Olympics

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On June 23, 1894

Do you know what big events have happened?

The establishment of the International Olympic Committee on this day

To encourage all the people in the world

Regardless of the gender, age, or physical skills

All can participate in sports

The International Olympic Committee decides June 23 each year

To be the Olympic Day

In order to gain a better understanding of the Olympic spirit and love sports in children, the theme of this [Zhejiang Library•Knowledge Creating House] was the Olympic Day - Color decoration of my Olympics. It is planned to make children know about stories of Olympic hero and convey the Olympic spirit through sharing the knowledge of the Olympic Games. In the interactive experience, the Color decoration of Five-ring Olympic flag can be painted by children, and they can also make stereoscopic cylinder puzzles of the Olympic Games. Let the Olympic Games be closer to our lives!

Activity time: June 23, 2018

Place of activity: The audiovisual room in the 2nd floor of Zhejiang Library

Activity content:

  1. Share the Spirit of Olympic
  2. Know our Olympic heroes
  3. Color decoration of Five-ring Olympic flag
  4. Olympic games VS Stereoscopic cylinder puzzle

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Activity quota: Limited to 20 parent-child family

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