Study History with Joy — Exploring the Three Kingdoms from the perspective of psychology

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2018/04/03  count:17

On the morning of March 31st, Professor Chen Yuan, the specially-appointed professor of Ningbo University, who is also the founder of "Interpretation of History with Psychology", gave a fresh and unique speech for the readers in the auditorium of Zhejiang Library and interpreted the Three Kingdoms from the perspective of psychology. With his lecture, the readers realized that reading history is a appealing enjoyment.

Professor Chen is a renowned psychological management expert, a specially-appointed professor of Ningbo University, the founder of Interpretation of History with Psychology. Among the series of his Interpretation of History with Psychology, the key artwork is the trilogy of "Three Kingdoms from the perspective of psychology". In this lecture, many parents even brought their children to enjoy Mr. Chen's views on the Three Kingdoms.

To start with, Professor Chen asked the children in the audience which characters in the Three Kingdoms they were fond of. Catering to the interests of these children, Professor Chen told the story of the arguments between Cao Cao and Liu Bei on the heroes over wines, the story of the Oath of the Peach Garden and the stories of Zhuge Liang. During this part of the speech, Professor Chen had repeated interactions with the children, who responded with hilarious laughter. They vied with each other to answer Professor Chen's questions, among these answers, some were quite correct. Hence, the knowledge reserve of these children even surprised their parents. Professor Chen also corrected the prejudice against certain characters in the Three Kingdoms in our daily life. For example, Zhang Fei was not a brawny guy, but actually a painter with extraordinary artistic talent and born in rich family; similarly, Liu Bei's remark that "I am the descendant of the Prince of Jing" seemed to be an unreliable statement. Professor Chen analyzed the background of the characters and their corresponding behaviors in the Three Kingdoms in a psychological way, and with his instruction with joy, the children got a better understanding of this particular history and thus will be able to interpret the characters in the Three Kingdoms with fresh perspectives.

At the end of the lecture, these children raised questions to Professor Chen with enthusiasm, who answered their questions with great patience.