Zhejiang library convening Voluntary Service Commendation Conference

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/12/08  count:28

In December 2nd, when the international volunteer day came, the Zhejiang library held the 2017 annual outstanding cultural volunteer group and the excellent cultural volunteers' commendation summary conference, and commended the 2017 outstanding volunteers. The deputy director Liu Xiaoqing, the head of the relevant department, and the 2017 outstanding volunteer groups and individuals of the year participated in the commendation conference of nearly 50 people.
At the meeting, the Zhejiang library on the 2017 annual volunteer service work summary, management norms, recruitment recruitment, training, service project and service effectiveness of volunteer service on 2017 report and summary, thanks to the volunteers to make a positive contribution to the figure nearly 200 readers more than 20 books and reading promotion activities of literature management the basic guarantee work; meeting of the 12 outstanding cultural volunteer team outstanding performance in the 2017 Zhejiang volunteer service work in the library culture and the culture of 16 outstanding volunteers for recognition, and awarded honorary certificates.