Understanding of traditional Chinese medicine to take care of traditional Chinese medicine

pub:Zhejiang Library  time:2017/10/10  count:30

Chinese medicine culture is a Chinese treasure, broad and profound, Chinese medicine clinical and daily conditioning can see the shadow of traditional Chinese medicine ... ... but because of the current varieties of Chinese medicine market confusion, the pros and cons of mixed and some shortage of resources and other issues, leading to the recognition of Chinese medicine Lack of knowledge or even buy wrong with the wrong phenomenon. So how to identify the authenticity of Chinese medicine? Judge the quality of Chinese medicine?

September 29, 2017, Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, vice president of the Institute of Huang Zhen went to Zhejiang Figure, led the presence of nearly 80 listeners together how to use their own eyes, nose and mouth to understand Chinese medicine, experience important, eye-catching Authenticity; also let everyone understand more in daily life can be medicine and medicine with Chinese medicine. After the event, we have said that this seminar so that we know more about Chinese medicine, know how to use traditional Chinese medicine, taking the rest assured that the traditional Chinese medicine.