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Service Description:

“Zhejiang Library Telephony Service System” is a convenient, efficient service measure provided by Zhejiang Library by making full use of modern technologies for the purpose of further expanding channels for information communication with readers.

At present, “Zhejiang Library Telephony Service System” provides four functions: renewal of books, reporting loss of reader’s card, modifying of password, and borrowing inquiry.

How to call: Readers can enter Zhejiang Library Telephony Service System to enjoy a series of relevant services offered by Zhejiang Library by calling 0571-87988998 by fixed-line telephone or mobile phone.

About charges: For calling “Zhejiang Library Telephony Service System”, readers only need to pay their operator communication expenses for we don’t charge for any service.

Service time: automatic voice service is twenty four seven.

Inquiries: 0571-87988338

Service Map:

In April 2011, Zhejiang Library lunched its microblogging service on Sina, which is our first close contact with new media and our first-time serving for readers as self media. 2014 marks the beginning of year of WeChat that. When everyone is updating moments ceaselessly, our WeChat service penetrates into smartphone addicts. Since July 2015, we’re waiting for you when you open Alipay Wallet.

Zhejiang Library Microblogging: provides readers with information on activity announcement, book recommendation, introduction to Zhejiang Library, and notification, etc.

WeChat account of Zhejiang Library:

Our subscription account (zjlib1900) provides readers with information on activity announcement, activity report and notification and public services, including bibliographic retrieval, borrow information inquiry, book renewal, and recommendation of new book.

The subscription account(zhejianglib) provides readers with inquiries about booklist, borrow information, parking information, and service information, etc.; renewal, reservation, consultation and other services; return alert  and reserved book alert; digital resource searching, reading and other services.

Zhejiang Library Alipay Service:

You can inquire information on books, lectures, exhibition, and performance, and process renewal and reservation procedures through “Library Service” in “City Service” of Alipay Wallet. Besides, our library will launch a series of services, including online card application, payment, book borrowing and return, event reservation, intelligent photo, and digital reading.

App Download Center


Lab+ combines OPAC service, the latest network application and mobile application, and provides readers with safe and reliable mobile information services. It mainly offers book inquiry, renewal, reserved borrowing and user’s space, book delivery, library information and notification, consultation and one-click sharing to Microblog, LBS locating and inquiry, and other functions.

Mobile Library

Mobile library provides Android users with a convenient mobile reading service where users can search catalog of collections of their university library via Android app of Mobile Library. After verifying student's identity card/library card, this app will provides information search, renewal, reservation and other functions. Users can also view the latest announcement, lecture notices, various service helps and guides of their university library. 

Zhejiang Culture

Zhejiang Culture provides the public with cultural information on lecture, exhibition, event and performance held by public cultural organizations, including museums, cultural centers, art galleries and theaters, and digital reading, book inquiry and other public services.

Chaoxing Mobile Library

Chaoxing Mobile Library is a professional reading platform designed for various libraries. It owns over millions of e-books, numerous newspaper articles and metadata of Chinese and foreign documents, and provides libraries with convenient and efficient mobile reading services. 

By relying on integrated information resources and cloud services sharing system, Chaoxing Mobile Library provides mobile terminal users with one-stop solutions of resource search and acquisition, self-service borrow management and customized information service with salient features and technical advantages.