The Most Beautiful Public Cultural Space Awards
By Zhejiang Library | March 01, 2023

Recently, the results of “The Most Beautiful Public Cultural Space Awards” in Yangtze River Delta region and some other provinces and cities of China in 2022 were announced. Under the guidance of the Public Service Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a total of 1692 participants from 15 provinces registered for this competition. Ultimately, 20 “Most Beautiful Public Cultural Space Awards”, 122 “Top 100 Public Cultural Spaces”, 188 “Excellent Public Cultural Spaces”, 15 “Excellent Operation Awards” and 10 “Annual Top 10 Designer/Institution” were awarded.


Among all 20 most beautiful public cultural spaces, there are five libraries.


Chongqing Library

Century Cruises Branch




The Century Cruises Branch of Chongqing Library is situated on the sixth floor’s Reading room, the fifth’s floor’s front view stand, and other three locations on the “Century Legend” cruise ship.



There are totally 2500 books available in the open-shelves area together with reading services. Reading activities such as lectures, exhibitions and salons are held irregularly here.




During the journey on Yangtze River, tourists could enjoy the fun of reading and traveling at the same time.



This branch represents that the public cultural service of Chongqing Library about special collection has expanded into the cultural and tourism activities along the Yangtze River.




Jiangxi Provincial Library

Revolutionary Library



Revolution Library is a themed library built by Jiangxi Provincial Library following the trend of revolutionary tourism in China. This branch library covers 1017 square meters to collect nearly 10 thousand books, more than 100 periodicals and a dozen of revolutionary cultural databases, reflecting the theme of “reading revolutionary classics and inheriting revolutionary gene”.



The overall shape of the revolutionary library resembles a narrow ship, and the decoration color is mainly red, supplemented by off-white, incorporating revolutionary cultural design elements to reflect the solemn interior atmosphere.




The museum is divided into eight areas: revolutionary memory, revolutionary culture, revolutionary footprint, revolutionary gene inheritance, revolutionary scenes, Jiangxi revolutionary publicity, revolutionary audio and video appreciation, and revolutionary literature reading. This library introduces facilities and equipment such as dome theaters, VR military experiences, and virtual photography, and uses virtual reality, projection splicing and other technologies to shape immersive experience spaces and enhance readers' sense of experience.





Jingning She Autonomous County Library in Lishui

City on the Sky - Yunshan Bookstore



Yunshan City Bookstore was unitedly built by She Autonomous County Library and Zhejiang Nayun Cultural and Tourism Limited. Situated over 600-meter altitude, this library was built by the mountains and living by the water. The sea of clouds could be often seen here, providing both the enjoyment of beautiful view and meaningful books. Preserving the historical appearance of traditional building, the new library becomes part of the whole landscape.



The library covers an area of 1000 m², with a total collection of more than 10,000 books, including military, economic, scientific, educational, literary, astronomic and other best-selling books. There is also a small activity area where you can experience the handicrafts making of the She people.



The interior of the bookstore is designed like a castle, using cave space to create a bookstore of Wabi-Sabi.



The library combines book bar together with the water bar, permitting readers to enjoy reading by the window with a cup of tea or coffee in hand.




Shanghai Pudong Library




As one of the influential cultural landmarks on social media. Shanghai Pudong Library is a national first-class library with total construction area of more than 60000 square meters. This library contains more than 4.77 million paper books, more than 3.2 million ebooks and over 3000 seats. The average number of users visit the library everyday is more than 10000.



The appearance of the library building resembles a large bookcase while the interior design is featured with a mountain of books, sky garden, trestle bridge and floating cloud. Located in the central of the building, the sky garden is the highlight of the whole library.



As the biggest district-level library with the highest service level in Shanghai, Pudong Library provides smart and humanized public cultural services through digital transformation and high-quality development based on the smart library solutions from Shanghai RFID Intelligence Digital Technology Corporation Limited. Thousands of special reading promotion activities are held in this library to introduce cultural products to people of all ages, encouraging reading for all and building a book-oriented society.




Yueyang Library



Creating spatial artistic conception, the building of Yueyang Library inherits the features of ancient academy building and combines the characteristics of the library itself. Several courtyard spaces are arranged inside and outside the building.




The first floor of the library is 6 meters high, which is an open reading area, including a visually impaired reading room, an aging reading room, a periodical reading room, and a children's reading room; The second floor is 5.7 meters high, which is an open reading area, including adult reading area, e-reading area, and children's activity area; The third floor is 4.2 meters high, which is a multi-functional activity room, and the fourth floor is 4.2 meters high, which is a VIP reading room.



The empty space of the entrance hall makes the internal environment of the building more comfortable and magnificent, while the space of the main entrance also makes the building and environmental landscape fully integrated and coordinate each other.