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Genealogy of Wang Family in Xiaoshan

Genealogy of Wang Family in Xiaoshan, compiled by Wang Rurong and Wang Zhen, is a genealogy book woodblock-printed in 1934, which contains 12 volumes, with a total of 14 books. The Wang family began to compile his genealogies in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and this book is the 7th edition. The Wang’s ancestor is Wang Kui, who is the sixth son in the family. Wang Kui moved from Hanzhai Village, Wangjia Town, Xiaoshan to DongWang Village (situated in Wenyan Town now). The first volume is a collection of prefaces from previous genealogies; the second volume contains historical materials including brief biography of deceased persons, records of ancestral temple, records of tombs, rules of clan and lists of property for sacrifice, etc.; the third volume contains the pedigree of the family, inherent characters in the name of each generation and the general chart of lineage; the fourth volume contains other pedigree charts; the fifth to twelfth volumes are records of acts. This is the genealogy of Wang Zuhui (1731-1807), a scholar and an Assistant in Shaoxing in the Qing Dynasty. In his early career, he traveled around and worked as a celebrated criminal private adviser. Later, he was in the Scholars and became magistrate who did great contributions in many places. With a wealth of books at home, Wang created a rich number of brilliant works.