Zhejiang Library Built An Army Library in the Military Camp
By Zhejiang Library | August 16, 2022

To celebrate the 95th founding anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), which falls on Aug 1st, Zhejiang Library sent cultural services as the present to the military camp.



On the morning of July 29, 2022, the service station jointly built by Zhejiang Library and a certain unit of the Army Air Force of the CPLA was officially opened.
In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of officers and soldiers and help strengthen the military with culture, Zhejiang Library has launched a new model of cultural support for the military, sending services straightly to the camp to make it convenient for officers and soldiers to borrow books in the camp.
Since the opening of the station, it has attracted a large number of soldiers. They felt that the new library was clean and bright, with a strong sense of the modern times. Many soldiers took out their own collections to decorate the library according to their own preferences.
Zhejiang Library donated more than 3200 books this time, including politics, philosophy, literature, history, professional technology and other categories. In particular, popular novels and military books were warmly welcomed by the soldiers. “After the library was built , we are able to sit down and read books in peace, it feels very good!” the soldiers discussed as they selected books. 
In addition to paper documents, the latest e-book reading recommendation launched by Zhejiang Library was also popular among the soldiers.
In the future, Zhejiang Library will make full use of its resources , delivering the rich collection of books and massive digital resources to the camps to meet the reading needs of officers and soldiers for their work, study and daily life.