Sending Books to Rural Areas and Bringing Hope to Children
By Zhejiang Library | June 10, 2022
To celebrate the International Children’s Day, the librarians from Zhejiang Library went to the Central Primary School at Chen Village, Hengxi Town, Xianju County on May 24, to donate books to students there.

''Gifts'' for Students

Imagination is the most precious treasure of children and reading allows them to see a better world..
In order to enrich the reading resources of the Central Primary School at Chen Village, Zhejiang Library donated 5000 books including children’s picture books, classics and popular science readings.
When the students went into their new book room, they were so excited that they could have various kinds of new books to read. The headmaster of the school said that the book room would open to the students all day long to satisfy their reading requirements.
Besides books, the librarians also gave a course to the students, to tell the story in the picture books through vivid expressions.
Simple story always contains deep meaning. In class, the students expressed their feelings and asked questions they were curious about. After listening to the story about Mr Ben and Little Ke, students learned that “we all need to be honest and be responsible to what we have done”.

''Reading Gifts'' for Teachers

Zhejiang Library also prepared reading gifts for teachers. They learned how to use “Credit Reading” service using smart phones after registration and enjoyed the online borrowing and digital reading services under the help from the librarians.
The last week of May every year is the Publicizing Week for the Public Libraries’s Service and following with the June 1st Children’s Day, it is a good chance for public libraries to meet their important mission to establish reading habit of children. 
The activity this year combined the Publicizing Week for the Public Libraries’s Service and International Children’s Day together. Not only promote the public reading service of the libraries, but also provide target services to the areas without enough reading resources to build a bridge between the children and books.