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Wenlan Reading Island
By Zhejiang Library | August 18, 2021

Wenlan Reading Island is a branded reading promotion activity of Zhejiang Library. Since its establishment in 2017, it has, by promoting "reading, sharing, and discovering" as the target, explored a reading mode characterized by interactive sharing, and gathered a group of readers who really love reading. The activity, carried out in the form of "guest sharing + interactive discussion + reader sharing", and focusing on readers' discussion and sharing, encourages discussions to discover the meaning of reading, stimulate readers' interest in reading, cultivate readers' reading habits, and improve readers' reading taste.


The bibliography shared by Wenlan Reading Island is rich and varied, including classic works and best-selling books, novels and poetry collections, picture books and novels, works of Chinese and foreign literature and art, as well as natural science works about flowers, tea, environmental protection. In addition to rich reading perspectives designed to meet the different reading needs of readers of all ages, a variety of activities have been hosted to engage readers in reading.


While using the Internet and new media to expand its influence, Wenlan Reading Island continues to engage more readers in reading through innovative methods, such as reader points, interactive book donations, special planning activities, "reader volunteer system", "online + offline" activity model, and "reading + recitation" activity model. And a Wenlan Reading Island Book Mobile Station has been set up to make idle books circulate, with an aim to enhance the communication or connection between readers.