Poetry Recitation Session in Ninghai
By Zhejiang Library | May 24, 2021

Around 400 years ago, Chinese explorer Xu Xiake started his 30-year-long adventure from Ninghai County and travelled tens of thousands of miles across China. His notes and study of ancient Chinese geography were unprecedented. The day he embarked his journey, May 19, has been set as China’s Tourism Day. The Travel Diaries of Xu Xiake, a travel journal of Xu compiled by later generations, has proven to be of great scientific and literary value. Today, many of the places reviewed by Xu on his route have become popular tourist attractions.



On May 18, 2021, as one of a series of activities to celebrate the "China Tourism Day" and the 19th Xu Xiake Tourism Festival, Zhejiang Library, together with 7 public libraries, 5 recitation associations and other related cooperative units, held in Ninghai, another important site on the Road of Tang Poetry in East Zhejiang, the recitation session with the theme of "Poetry Road in Ninghai". 16 famous recitation masters from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui took "Xiake" and "Tang Poetry" as the theme elements, through comprehensive stage performances such as recitation, dance, singing and sitcom, to comprehensively display the ancient road that Xu Xiake has traveled and the Tang poetry wrote on this road. 


Recitation+Dance :Ode to the Moon Lake


Immersive Tang Poetry Recitation: Sleepwalking in Tianmu Mountain, a poem recording dreams by Li Bai, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty


Recitation+Dance: Endless Green Hills, to commemorate the road traveled by Xu Xiake